Hi! Thank you for visiting the Doe Gear Community! This site is specific to women outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy the sport of hunting and fishing. Doe Gear is a site that hosts a spot for you, the female outdoor adventuress, a place to blog and share your stories about your journey into the great outdoors. We would love to hear your stories, see your pictures, and even post your videos to share with other women involved in these great outdoor sports.

Many options are available when it comes to choosing equipment such as bows, guns, clothing, and gear that it can be an overwhelming experience so Doe Gear has created a blog page for great tips and suggestions. Our blogs talk about gear reviews concerning what type of outdoor gear might best suit us women as well as how to find places to hunt and fish. Let’s face it ladies, we are built very different than our counterparts and because of that we usually have to search high and low for gear that feels comfortable in outdoor situations. Also, some of us may not own our own property or fishing boats and that is why the blog page is very beneficial in suggesting ideas for your next outdoor adventure. If you have a suggestion about hunting apparel, hunting or fishing gear, or places to spend your next outdoor trip please be sure to share your story by clicking on the blog button.

Doe Gear also provides a unique video production service to those who want their outdoor moments cherished for a lifetime. If you and your friends love to video your hunts or fishing trips then contact Doe Gear to produce your one of a kind video. Click on the video production page for more details.

Final thoughts – As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I have spent many years searching out the best places to hunt or fish and have spent lots of money trying out different equipment. That is the reason I wanted to create a website that is uniquely female. Come to Doe Gear and ask your questions and post your suggestions so all women can benefit. You do not have to hunt or fish to enjoy the benefits of Doe Gear, as we would love to hear about your hiking, camping, and kayak adventures as well. In recent years many women are taking interests in shooting competitions with handguns and bows and if you are one of these women please share your story with us so we may get a glimpse into your interests. Let’s share the knowledge and stories to make the outdoors a better place for women!


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Doe Gear Turkey Call by Rawhide Game Calls

Ladies – If you haven’t tried turkey hunting, you are missing out!! Many people don’t know but turkey hunting is what got me into the sport of hunting back in 2003. It is truly a challenging and fun hunt!

This past spring, Doe Gear was approached by Rawhide Game Calls to do a box turkey call specific for us women. Though it looks like a standard box turkey call, it is not. These are made smaller to fit a woman’s hand and are crafted with a unique milled wood that makes it sound like a true hen!  I’ve tried many different calls but have always favored the box call.  The story behind these true one of a kind made calls is what excites me the most.

The gentleman who creates the Doe Gear Box Turkey Call, Richard Allen, is one of the most impressive turkey hunters I’ve ever met. Richard Allen, owner of Rawhide Game Calls Inc., got his first turkey in 1987.  He was so   impressed with the sport of calling the turkey’s in that he decided to learn how to make a great box call.  Taking the Tom Edison approach and with the help of reading books written by Niel Cost, Richard made 3-4 dozen attempts and invested in many types of wood species to get the sound of his box call PERFECT by the mid 90′s.  He finally opened up Rawhide Game Calls Inc. in 2008.

In that time and driven by his enthusiasm to help other turkey hunters succeed with his calls, Richard became involved in many organizations such as Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Christian Waterfowlers Association, and The Delta Waterfowl Organization. He is a District Director for the Wild Turkey Federation in south central Florida.  He founded a chapter for the NWTF called the Lorida Longbeards chapter. For about the past 14 years, Richard has guided about 12 hunters a year with his best friend and NWTF Regional Director Austie Heacock in the Brighton area in Fl.  Other calls that Richard has mastered making are the Wing Bone Call and his personal favorite and easy to use, Tube Call.

Now that he is semi-retired, it’s all about being happy and making turkey calls as well as guiding other turkey hunters to success!  Richard is a family man and is a husband to an awesome turkey hunter, his wife Dawn.  What a great story Richard and we are happy for your success!  We are blessed and privileged to know and work with Rawhide Game Calls Inc.  Be sure to go to the Doe Gear Shop and invest in your Doe Gear Box Turkey Call.  If you are interested in the Wing Bone Call or Tube Call then give us a call for your special order.

Get your Gobbler down with a DOE GEAR BOX TURKEY CALL!

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Ladies -  Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made when it comes to shopping for your new bow! Jim Marrow, the owner of MJC Archery, and I sat down for a nice chat this past spring and he told me that so many new hunters make the mistake of buying their archery equipment from the big box stores. Unfortunately, I had to tell Jim that I was a victim of the same mistake.  He was kind by just shaking his head.

I have had two bows in the past nine years and they were ok, they got the job done but with a struggle. My late brother told me time and time again that you need to get yourself fitted for a bow and that you should try a lot of bows to see which one feels right. Well, last year I decided I owed it to myself and I went to MJC Archery to get fitted for the correct bow.

MJC has so many brands of bows to choose from so I was a little overwhelmed at first. However, Steve, who is one of many archery experts that work at MJC, helped me and was more than patient.  He taught me things that I never even knew about archery equipment. I tried out Hoyt, Matthews, and G5 and amazingly a 2010 model of the Hoyt Vicxen just meshed with my draw!

The great part about MJC Archery is they made me feel like a true hunter, they did not treat me like a girl and make it all weird and uncomfortable. Instead they were true professionals and a great group of people. Think about it, how often does an owner of a company take time out of his day to sit and talk with some one he has never even met before? They made me feel so comfortable that I eventually brought my dad in to invest in a crossbow. That is how great Jim Morrow and his staff are!

A little bit about Jim Marrow – Jim Marrow is a professional archer and was sponsored by Matthews from 1992-2008. He is no stranger to archery competitions as well as many first place titles. He is a family man who enjoys helping others learn about the ins and outs of archery. He owns two MJC Archery locations and is Metro Detroit’s #1 archery only Pro Shop and shooting range. I want to personally thank Jim and the rest of his staff for having the knowledge and passion to educate all archery hunters and competition archers’. Take a lesson from me, choose MJC Archery when it comes to investing in your archery equipment and learning about this great historic past time.

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The “Truth” about Primos Truth Cams


Having trail cameras in your arsenal of hunting equipment is a must.  Using trail cameras before, during, and after the hunting season will educate you on the activity in your woods and will add to your hunting success.

Now…I have to admit there were times that I simply did not want to deal with trail cameras because the pictures were bad, I had to constantly change batteries, or the cameras only lasted one season. Last spring, some hunting friends of mine introduced me to the Primos “Truth” Cameras when they showed me some of their pictures.  I was amazed at the quality and the information that the pictures provided such as the temperature, time of day, and moon phase.

I’m sure you are saying, “but Christine a lot of trail cams have that”.  Sure but those trail camera’s were missing five other key features: affordability, ease of use, awesome mounting brackets, long battery life, and Python Lock holes for security.

Because the cameras were affordable I was able to purchase two of the Primos Truth 35 cameras and two of the Primos Truth 46 cameras.

These four cameras combined took over 5000 pictures and I did not have to change out one battery my entire hunting season from July to November.  Amazing!  If it weren’t for Primos’s dependable trail cameras, I would have never known to hunt this one stand location on November 26th 2012; the day I harvested my beautiful 130” 8 point!

NOW you know which cameras to invest in…Primos “Truth” Cameras…and that’s the “TRUTH”!

Share your trail cam pictures with us here at Doe Gear by commenting to this blog.  Thanks to Team Primos for creating a great product for us lady hunters!

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Tink’s Power Scrape/Dripper Combination!


One of the major contributing factors to my successful 2012 hunt was using Tink’s Power Scrape/Dripper combo!  I’ve used many mock scrape products in past years and I did not have the results with those products like I did with the Power Scrape!

I started out purchasing two Power Scrape/Dripper combo packs and put them up in late September.  They were simple to use.  Clear a spot on the ground, fill up the dripper bottle with the Power Scrape formula provided to the line designated on the side, close the cap, hang the bottle from a branch about one foot above your head, and then open the spout by removing the cover.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

After returning to my property in one week’s time, I checked the trail cameras and was simply amazed at all the bucks that were hitting these scrapes; and that was in late September!  I was also amazed to see how many doe’s were checking out the scrapes.  At last a product that lived up to the hype!  You could imagine my excitement to see the increased activity and education about what type of deer were on my property.  So what did I do…I ran to the nearest hunting supply store and bought 4 more!

Every dripper I hung had deer scraping away.  After only refilling the dripper’s about two times, I noticed that the scrapes were continuing without refilling them again.  As the rut was approaching the deer were hitting these mock scrape areas every other day.

Two great advantages of Power Scrape/Dripper combos are: (1) The Power Scrape formula has no scent to it so if you spill a little it is not a big deal, and (2) the dripper’s allowed me to keep my scent down in those areas by not having to freshen up the scrapes every time I hunted.

If you have a story about using Tink’s Power Scrape/Dripper or any Tink’s products that will help our lady hunters have a successful season, please be sure to comment to this blog.  Be sure to click on the photo page above and click on blog pics to see all my trail cam pictures using the Power Scrape/Dripper Combo! Thanks to the team at Tink’s for providing a great product!

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Tree Climbers vs Traditional Hang on Stands


Have you tried hunting out of a tree climber yet?  If you have not, it is a must! There are so many advantages to hunting out of a tree climber as opposed to traditional hang on stands; however, you have to feel comfortable in a climber. This poses the question, “which climber should I invest in”?


As an avid hunter for the past 10 years, I have researched hang on stands and climbers. I chose the Razor by Summit Tree Stands. 

The Razor is light only weighing 21lbs and is extremely easy to use.  Summit uses the Dead Metal Sounding Technology, which assists in minimizing noise while hunting.   The shoulder straps make it easy to carry in and out of the woods.  As wear and tear occurs throughout several hunting seasons, hunters utilize safety by replacing certain parts on their stands.  Replacement parts are affordable and readily available through the Summit website and at local hunting stores.  Using a climber helps prevent you from re-using the same stand location, hence eliminating the possibility of notifying that monster buck you are around.

Bang for the Buck… The quality of the Summit Razor far exceeds the money you will pay.

Why use a climber? Often you will hear hunters explain that hunting a new location is always exciting and most times successful and this is why every hunter should have a climber in their arsenal of hunting stands.  The climber gives a hunter the ability to move throughout the day to other hunting locations based on hunting pressure, movement, and changing wind directions.

My Experience - I feel safe, confident, and comfortable in my climber.  It allows me to stay in the woods for longer periods of time.  This is important during the rut.


Other Benefits - It’s easy to lock up and extremely easy to hunt out of.  The pouch accessories help keep my calls, range finder, binocs, and water with in easy reach with very little movement.  If you are interested in trying out a climber for the first time, I recommend you research climbers by Summit Tree Stands!  You will love it!

Let us know which tree climber you enjoy and feel that other women hunters will benefit from.  If you have any questions about tree climbers be sure to reply to this post and we will be happy to make some suggestions. HAPPY HUNTING LADIES!

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